Pholiotas Fungi


As part of the international network of heritage programs, the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program (PNHP) compiles and maintains data related to the Commonwealth's rare, threatened and endangered plants and animals as well as unique natural communities. This information can be used to guide conservation efforts and land use planning.

Several of our public data products are listed below.

County Natural Heritage Inventories


County based reports that map and identify locations of rare, threatened and endangered species and provide recommendations for their conservation.

Species Lists and Fact Sheets


Identification, distribution, rarity and natural history information on the species tracked by PNHP.

Pennsylvania Conservation Explorer

CNHI Interactive Map

An interactive map of the County Natural Heritage Inventories.

Aquatic Communities Classification


A description of the patterns of aquatic biodiversity to help guide conservation activities and resource management in the region.

Natural Communities


Description and distribution information for the terresitial and wetland communities of Pennsylvania.

Climate Change Vulnerability Index

Bog turtle

Assesing the vulnerability of Pennsylvania species to Climate Change.

Vernal Pools

Bog turtle

Ecology, conservation and management of vernal pools in Pennsylvania.