Register a Vernal Pool

The Pennsylvania Vernal Pool Registry is a citizen-based program to document locations of vernal pools. We are relying on volunteer participants to submit information about the location of vernal pools and the animals that are using them. The registry is an important step toward understanding Pennsylvania's seasonal wetland habitats. The information will be available to researchers who study seasonal pools in the state and to landowners and agencies that manage these often-overlooked wetlands. Anyone interested in vernal pools is welcome to get involved. Help us find these unique habitats.

Information collected is entered in a database of vernal pools in Pennsylvania, which are incorporated into the Conservation Explorer interactive map.

Registering a pool is a simple process that requires a few basic tools: a film or digital camera and a USGS topographic map or GPS device. Audio-visual enthusiasts can incorporate video footage or sound recordings as part of their vernal pool documentation. You may enter your information on the form below. Photos (non-digital) or audio/video files may be sent via the postal service to:

Seasonal Pool Coordinator
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
PA Natural Heritage Program
P.O. Box 8552
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8552

Vernal Pool Registry

Prior to field work, you may want to download these additional materials:

Vernal Pool Studies

Scientific study forms are available for download for more intense studies of vernal pools.

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