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Amphibians – research and monitoring program in the Northeast (USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center)

Amphibians and reptiles of New Jersey (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife) - Resource Package for Teachers

Amphibians and reptiles of Pennsylvania – an information page (Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission)

Reptiles and Amphibians – Seasons & Limits in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commision)

Amphibian and invertebrate identification keys (Ohio Vernal Pool Partnership)

Wildlife in Pennsylvania – information on birds, mammals, reference guides, and wildlife diseases (Pennsylvania Game Commission)

Frogwatch USA - Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Preventing Spread of Disease & Invasive Species

Code of practice for surveying vernal pools that protects the pools (United States Fish and Wildlife Service)

Invasive plants of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Flora Project)

Code of practice for preventing spread of disease and invasive species: Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Biosecurity Measures for Commission Operations, Facilities, and Equipment

Vernal Pools & Wetlands

National Wetlands Inventory (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Vernal pool books (Virginia’s Vernal Pools)

Vernal pool ‘Temporary Home’ article with an activity to understand the cause of seasonal change (Roger Tory Peterson Institute)

Vernal Pool Project of the Upper Susquehanna Watershed (Upper Susquehanna Coalition)

Vernal Pools of California - seasonal pool links and educational pages (

Seasonal Pools of the Mid-Atlantic Region - an introduction (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Vernal Pools of New England (The Vernal Pool Association)

Vernal Pools of New Jersey (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection – Division of Fish and Wildlife)

Vernal Pools of Ohio - seasonal pool information and registry program (Ohio Vernal Pool Partnership)

Vernal Pools of Rhode Island

Vernal Pools of Virginia

Water, watershed and wetland information (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Teaching Center)

Wetlands, watersheds, ecology, restoration, wildlife in Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the U.S. (Penn State Wetlands Center)

Federal Resources

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

Conservation Stewardship Program

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE)

Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)

Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP)

Local Resources

County Conservation Districts county directory at

Penn State University (PSU) Cooperative Extension - Extension Office Search by County

The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association - Pennsylvania Land Trust & Other Organization Search

Pennsylvania Watershed Group Directory

State Resources

Fish & Boat Commission Landowner Incentive Program (LIP)

Game Commission Private Landowner Assistance Program (PLAP)

Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR) Service Foresters

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Bureau of Conservation and Restoration

Govenor’s Invasive Species Council of Pennsylvania (PISC)